A fit test of the emergency broadcast system and hot glue

I wanted to see how well each piece is aligning and if there is a stack-up error. A stack-up error would occur because all the parts were ever so slightly bigger by the thickness of the filament which is about 16mil or 0.4mm .
I used hot glue, which does not stick well to ABS, and try to fit and align the parts. Hot glue is also very thick and gooey.
There are several lines that go around the dome and I am using them for alignment purposes,
I still have 2 pieces to print and a few pieces to peel of the support material from. So far it looks like this.
Obviously this is only a fit test and I need to join and fill the gaps but so far things are aligning quite well.

right side view of dome
right side view
Front view
looking straight on
Alternative view of dome
top view
Dome inside view
Inside of the dome
Dome left side
left side view

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