… And the White Knight is talking backwards

The top of our kitchen roll holder was a large glass diamond shaped object. When changing the kitchen roll we unscrewed it bit too fast and in slow motion I saw it bounce on to the table top and smash to the floor.
Looking for a replacement I came across this piece on Thingiverse a low poly fantasy character meant for table top gaming. It is actually part of a trio of characters a knight, elf and Dwarf.

White Knight 3d printed
Remember what the dormouse said


I scaled up to double the size, it took about 2 hours to print including the time to heat up the print bed.
It needs some cleaning up and some painting it is low polygon design and also I printed at a low resolution, so if you zoom in on the picture, yes it does look rough but I think it should be OK.
I want to drill a hole in the base and attach to the kitchen roll holder and replace the glass diamond shaped object.

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