The same but smaller

I have been watching Chuck Hellebuyck’s YouTube channel since the beginning.
Even though I would never buy the Da Vinci 3D printer due to the filament issues, I found the Filament Friday section interesting.

Recently the focus of his YouTube channel has moved to other printers with a lot of good things being said about the Fabrikator Mini.

I waited too long and the v1.0 stopped selling. When he mentioned the v1.5 was now available I chose to buy one. It finally arrived last week.

I bought it so I could try out different ideas with different filament etc.

Giant grub screw
It looks really big when I zoom in close

Initial thoughts
The bad:
The printer is small, the print area is small.
Takes a long time to print even a small item.
Uses a lot of filament to print that small item.
The instructions recommend Repetier-host and Cura.

The good:
The internal wall printed amazingly straight (the print in the picture above is misleading).
This was printed at 0.4mm filament height.
Printer is based on open source and does not use protected filament.

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