Fabrikator Mini -a dollar for your thoughts

My first experience printing with PLA filament using the Fabrikator-mini was very good. Just an open cylinder or tube that I created in TinkerCAD. After printing I examined the print and found the walls were unbelievably smooth and straight (it seemed better than my 3mm filament printer)

The next thing I tried to print was a coin holder keyring.
It failed badly the print shifted after a few layers. I tried again with my original cylinder found it now did the same thing.

keychain holder for Canadian loonies
Keep a loonie on your keychain

I decided to investigate and see how I could get it back to the way it printed the first print

Moving the print head gantry slowly forward and back I found a stiff point. I moved the gantry back and forth and realized the heater fan was turned slightly and causing it to hit the wall before the sensor was pressed by the gantry.

I readjusted the fan and lubricated the bars and then printed the coin holder. The coin holder is downloaded from Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1508063

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