Learning experience – unused features

The computer I use for 3D printing is an old Pentium 4 and was running Korora 21. Updates stopped around 6 months ago. Version 21 end of life came and I just did not notice.

2GB SDcard
Who knew a 2 GB SD card could be useful.

I thought I could use the built in upgrade feature but I ran into issues.
There was nothing I could do about this, so I upgraded the old fashioned way with a DVD. This meant my computer would be offline for a while until I upgraded and I installed my preferred applications.

I have had my 3D printer around 2 years and I have a SD card feature that I have never used, I have always used a USB cable so I thought I should try to use the SD card. It was at this point that I found out how easy it was to print from the SD card.

I read that older smaller SD cards are more likely to be compatible with the Ramps board.
The requirements are that the SD card needs to be saved as Auto0.g instead of
something ‘dot’ gcode and nothing else should be on the SD card.
I homed the print head, turned the printer off, made sure the USB cable was unplugged from the printer and inserted the SD card.
Immediately at switch on it started to heat up the bed. It carried on to print just like it was connected to my computer. This is a cool feature.

The only minor bad thing about the process that I noticed, was that if all the files you print have the same name it is easy to loose track of whats on the SD card

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