I’ve been framed

I like looking at Thingiverse and I was browsing for ideas. I wanted to enclose the Pi in an enclosure and I would 3d print the enclosure. I found this enclosure and it was perfect. It is for the Pi one and can be found at

3d printed enclosure
3d printed PI enclosure

I chose it because it had 4 lugs to help with mounting.
I found that my interface board interferes with it so I cut a small slot which is even better. Now the HDMI socket is not taking all the strain.

Pi and interface board
Slot in side of Pi wall holds the interface board

Now for mounting I measured the distance between the holes and it appeared that it was 75mm in each direction.

Mounting for Raspberry Pi
Braces for the Pi

I designed 2 braces that both have 4 holes but one has them all inline and the other has 2 of them offset.

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