Hinged and bracket.

I decided that desk mount is how it is going to be used, since I had visions of this being mounted to the wall and something coming loose and the whole thing just dropping down onto the floor and damaging something.

HInge for holding the screen
2 piece hinge

I have drawn a 2 piece hinge that allows a bolt to go through the hinge. This gives the screen some small movement from 90 degrees straight up to a back tilt of around 45 degrees this also.

This with the help of an insert can be attached to the screen frame.
To hold the screen to the frame I decided to go with with an E shape that holds the frame in the wide section and the LCD in the other.

I printed the orientation shown with support.  Getting the support material out of the narrow section was difficult,

I have one more to print and when I print it I will rotate 90 degrees so it stands upright.

Hinge holder
Cad view of the hinge
Hinge and stand
second part of hinge.

and here is the bracket clip that holds the top portion again I chose the E shape I printed this so that there were no supports, still n.

A bracket to clip on to the frame
E shaped bracket

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