There is an old printer and it’s printing hot behind the clear door

A few weeks ago I went to the local Michaels framing counter and ordered 2 pieces of perspex cut to size.
This was going to be the front and left side door/window.


Door with handles.
In through the bright door

I was going to add these on hinges so that they swung open, but then I realised that this is not the best idea having a door swinging back and forth while pulling out the printer.
So after some thought I decided that it would be better to use magnets and have the front snap on and just pulled off.
With this in mind I carefully drilled holes on the left and right side of the perspex and added 2 handles.
Then added a small metal bracket in each corner for the magnets to snap to.  The magnets were then glued in place.

This sort of checked several boxes

My hit list of requirements for my enclosure for my 3D Printer has item #5 listed as:

Easy to view print progress, bright enough to see inside and a place to hang a web cam so I can view progress via Octoprint.

I was thinking that I should use the Raspberry Pi camera seeing as the feature can be accessed from Octoprint. The problem is that the cable that comes with the Raspberry Pi camera is very small. I found somewhere on line that has longer versions of the flat cable.

Pi Cam with mounting option
Holder with long ribbon cable.

I printed some camera enclosures on my tiny boy printer that I can mount inside the enclosure.

The lighting is about a meter of white LED strip. The strip is hooked into the main 12V power supply.

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