PLA-y away

After all the work trying to get my heated bed to a higher temp I then tried to print some ABS. I found that
1) the exhaust fan noise was loud
2) Whilst it was sucking air from the enclosure it was also disturbing the air in the chamber
3) I still had an issue with it blobbing when doing the Q*bert pyramid

I went out and purchased a reel of PLA filament to try printing with PLA.
I have NEVER printed with PLA on my large printer. The Fabrikator mini has
painters tape so I was not sure how well it would work.

I made sure the bed was level.
I took the glass and put a fresh layer of kapton tape.
I set the printed bed at 70 degrees, the print stuck to the bed perfectly.

I had read all sorts of things about how difficult it is to get PLA to stick
to the bed and I was pleasantly surprised.

I had not printed anything (other than the Q*bert pyramids) so I wanted to print something useful.
I found this Kindle ebook holder design on Thingiverse.

Holder for Kindle
PLA printing on kapton tape not a problem

I was sceptical because there were no pictures of the final print just a CAD image.
I rotated it on the bed so it was lay flat on the bed and modified the edges to have less overhang and little less rounded.
I tried printing it. It is great I immediately printed 3 more for family members.
I noticed the temperature in my print enclosure was around 30 degrees.
There was no cooling fan, this is something I only realised was missing after I had finished printing.

Printing in PLA was something I had avoided for a long time and now I have a 0.5kg to use up.

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