Seeing double

I wanted an easily accessible power on switch for the main power to my printer and so I thought I should wall mount my power supply with the switch up and easy accessible. Looking around Thingiverse I found this

3D printed power supply holder
This is your brain on 3d printing

The white filament version printed very well but I saw a major shift on the first or second layer. After clean up it looks quite usable. I also noticed the smell of
the filament was quite strong which is very unusual seeing that my fan was venting the fumes outside.

Holder for a computer power supply

Power supply holder

I looked at my print head and noticed what looked like some melted plastic
around the heater block as though it had squirted out from between the
nozzle and the heater block. I touched the thermistor for the nozzle and it moved and I realised that the kapton tape holding the thermistor had detached.
I reattached it then heated up the block to remove the filament and the nozzle. After removing the nozzle I let it all cool down and then I then managed to break the lead of my thermistor right at the glass bead. I searched my spares and found one. At this point I decided to do a thorough maintenance on my printer.
I am still using a E3d v5 nozzle but I think that I am going to try to upgrade to v6.

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