Dollar Store Blues

I was browsing the local dollar store recently and I came across an under-the-cupboard battery powered LED light.

The plan is to add the blue glow under the skirt of my Ironside.
I then started thinking that, with the price of blue LEDs being so expensive (usually in low quantities they are about $0.50 to a $1) the cost of this light is $2 and all the LEDs are mounted on a PCB.
I remembered how wiring 34 LEDs in parallel on my Book of Pure Evil. Whilst not hard, it was very time consuming.

I bought one of these and tested it. Yes! Blueish and bright enough in a bright room to still see the blue (if a little focused).

blue lights


I took it apart and it looks like this.


LED circuit board
Inside the Led strip lights

I may add an additional diffuser over the lens to take away the blue dots from the lights

LED strip light
Dollar store bargin LED strip light


I will need about another 10 or so of these to go all the way around.

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