Getting the 3d printer assembled

Putting the 3d printer together was simple, but not without its little hurdles.
I had already studied the manual prior to buying it which consisted of a pdf and links to some videos for each step.

I ordered the printer and it was shipped and received 2 days later. The box that it came in was big, and had a whole pile of parts.
I started by making a spreadsheet of the parts. There were a lot of similar sized screws.I went through each section and added to my spreadsheet. This took 2 nights. Then I got stuck in building it. As I went through each section I cross-referenced the part  on the spreadsheet.

The building went well until I got to the extruder. At this point the manual pushes you to the people who make the extruder. The format of the information was not as good. Also there was a slight issue with a missing grub screw which was replaced, very quickly.

One of my first print attempts

The rest of the build was pretty straight forward; I just followed the videos.
I carefully checked my wiring. There was some concern that the nozzle needed to be heated up and then tightened. I had email support form Doug from Skyhunt as needed.

The experience of putting it together was a good one.

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