Trying to connect to Pronterface (using Linux)

After putting it all together and double double checking the wiring I turned it on.

The 3d printer is designed to work with Pronterface. There was a Linux version so I downloaded it and installed it in Mageia Linux.
I could not connect. I tried various things and tried again still could not connect. Baud rate was supposed to be 250000 I read the number again that is pretty fast and it was not one of the available baud rates available. I emailed to confirm that this was the correct baud rate and sheepishly mentioned that I was using Linux and that I had an issue.
I was expecting the standard “What’s that?” or “We do not support that” reply
instead I got an email back confirming the baud rate and whilst not being very familiar with Linux gave several suggestions of workarounds or how to fix my issue (way more than I expected).
I found that the issue with the connection was that I needed to run a patch for the pyserial.patch driver.
Details here near bottom of page look for the section “Connection with printer failed”

Finally I was able to connect. I made the bed go forward and back the gantry go left and right. Did a whole pile of tests and then I was ready to print. The kit came with some example shapes.

I chose one and tried to print.

Test print cylinders
3 cylinders
Test print meeting in the center
Pyramid of doom

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