I should be so Lack-y

I vent my printer outside and have noticed that my printer was taking a long time to heat the bed during the cold months of the year.
Even printing at 9.00 pm in May sometimes it is so cool outside that my prints contract enough to not stick to the bed or curl. So I was toying with the idea of enclosing the printer and wondering where I should start.


I came across people at Printtable who are hacking Ikea Lack tables to make printers. http://www.3ders.org/articles/20160705-printtable-the-large-format-3d-printer-made-from-two-ikea-tables.html
I grabbed a ruler and realised the size of a lack table would enclose my printer perfectly. I bought 2 @ $9.99 and put one together. I am sort of designing as I go along. I drilled some holes with the intention of adding the second table as a base.
The features I want:

1) Enclose the printer, so I can get more consistent prints and faster bed heat up time.

2) Extraction of fumes to outside, I think this is important.

3) The electronics mounted outside. I expect the temp around the printer inside the enclosure to be 40-50 degrees but given I have heat sinks trying to reduce the temperature on the FET and stepper drivers, warming them unnecessarily does not make sense.

4) Easy access to perform maintenance, fixing a nozzle blockage usually requires heating up the nozzle before removing it. I hate keyhole surgery,  even more when the parts I might be fixing or touching could be hot.

5) Easy to view print progress, bright enough to see inside and a place to hang a web cam so I can view progress via Octoprint.

6) Want to try a horizontal mount for the filament reel like this one https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:508896.

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