I can see clearly now the top is gone.

Lack table with observation hole
There is a hole in my Lack dear Lisa

Going through the list of requirements I had in mind, one of them was good visibility of the print.

I found a piece of perspex and, remembering the image of the Printtable
printer, I thought this would be good if I cut a hole and embedded it.

I went to the Printtable website http://printtable.com/
and watched the videos from the links on their website because I was interested in the cut out made in the top of the Ikea Lack table.

For anyone cutting a hole in a Lack table using a utility knife is not quite as easy as a few strokes of a utility knife. The knife has to be really sharp. This hole took 2 hours and it is quite hard on your hands and wrists.
When I removed the painters tape it pulled off the finish at a couple of places on the table.

I will have to think how I will finish the inside edges.
Another item on my hit list of requirements was easy access, I found that the table was such a good fit that I cannot pull the printer forward between the front legs and access is very important.
After some thought I plan to move it sideways out the right side of the table. I still need to figure a way to mount the ramps and Arduino board outside the structure but be able to slide the printer out when needed.

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